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Bizarr Thai visa request for expats in Laos

Bizarr Thai visa request for expats in Laos

Postby buster on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:04 am

As for as long as i remember border towns in Thailand were frequently visited by Lao citizens and expats living in Laos.
Especially the elderly expats who in most cases sought medical assistance in NongKhai private hospitals or more advanced in Udon Thani.
I have witnessed a boom in assortment of goods and services springing up in NongKhai , Buengkhan and Nakhon Phanom.
Many expats rolled over the bridge for their weekly shopping or executive searches in the Thai border areas.......NO MORE.
Where Lao citizens can cross the border on their ASEAN exemption ruling, sending their kids to school in Thailand and living (and often working!!)on visa runs around the clock , the expat in Laos are required to apply for a multiple entry tourist visa @ 5000 bath a person to get into Thailand after two (2) exemption visits.
This situation is extremely difficult for in Laos living expats who do NOT stay in Laos on a working permit (65+) and rely on multiple entry visas or frequent tourist visas.
Not to mention the HUB be it medical or commercial is completely cut off except if one CAN acquires a tourist visa to Thailand.
The medical health care system in Laos is poor, especially for the needy who rely on family and a small pension to get by.
Most of them can not afford to comply the high retirement financial requirements and choose to live in Laos.........
depriving them from the special care in the border areas seems odd, to say the least and my plea is for Thai Immigration to consider & revoke this odd ruling.
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