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State launches telemedicine in rural areas

State launches telemedicine in rural areas

The government on Wednesday began development of its telemedicine programme at 32 hospitals in rural areas in eight provinces, encouraging adoption of new technologies and remote medical care.

21 Mar 2019 at 04:00

Protecting children from allergies

Protecting children from allergies

Over the past 15 years, allergy-related diseases have increasingly affected people across Thailand, especially those who in large cities like Bangkok. Allergies have become a major cause of morbidity in children.

19 Mar 2019 at 04:00

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    Minding the measles

    As the anti-vaccination movement creeps into Thailand, medical bodies warn that opting out can lead to aggravating consequences.

    19 Mar 2019 at 04:00

  • Samitivej debuts service app

    Samitivej Hospital Group has rolled out what it touts as Asean's first virtual medical service application, aiming to attract younger and middle-class patients.

    13 Mar 2019 at 04:00

  • In Canada, some moms say cannabis makes them better parents

    MONTREAL: Smoking cannabis has made me "a better mother," says Karine Cyr.

    12 Mar 2019 at 10:45

  • Efficient relaxation

    Yoga Nidra wants to give you all the daytime rest you need, in just 45 minutes.

    05 Mar 2019 at 04:00

  • Tools for mindfulness

    A tool for mental wellness, meditation will evolve from a singular to a plural practice, from a generic concept to specific types with different impacts on the brain.

    05 Mar 2019 at 04:00

  • THG eyes healthy return on specialised care

    General hospitals are a good way to lose a lot of money, says Boon Vanasin, founder of Thonburi Healthcare Group (THG), one of Thailand's largest private hospital...

    21 Feb 2019 at 04:00

  • HealthWise

    Living with carcinogens

    Although the PM2.5 crisis appears to have subsided in Bangkok, many parts of the country, especially the North and Northeast, are still suffering from poor air quality.

    19 Feb 2019 at 04:00

  • Avoiding the great outdoors

    Exercise amid Bangkok's toxic smog crisis can raise the risk of lung cancer and other serious diseases and ailments.

    12 Feb 2019 at 04:00

  • A natural remedy for urbanite ills

    Nature Deficit Disorder is an increasing health problem as urbanites become overworked and overwrought as well as absorbed in social media.

    12 Feb 2019 at 04:00


    Making your home smog-proof

    Getting a home air purifier could be an alternative to shield against the next wave of toxic smog though it's not an absolute must.

    11 Feb 2019 at 04:30