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Paritta Wangkiat Columnist

Paritta Wangkiat is a columnist for the Bangkok Post.

  • The same old trick won't fly in March polls

    With just another five days to go before Thailand's first general elections in about eight years, the competition among political parties is heating up as each tries to court as many votes as it can from their public.

    18 Mar 2019 at 04:30

    NLA's cyber bill rush shows poor intent

    The coup-installed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) last week approved the controversial cybersecurity bill, shrugging off public concerns over its threats to personal and corporate data privacy and human rights issues.

    04 Mar 2019 at 04:30

    How our car culture has deadly results

    The thick haze covering Bangkok and adjacent areas strikes a call for the Thai automobile industry to embrace clean technology -- but it also calls for a major change in our car-loving culture.

    21 Jan 2019 at 04:30

  • TRC's loss no win for pro-regime camp

    The hashtag "Dissolved to death yet I still won't vote for Uncle" topped Thailand's trending topics chart after the Constitutional Court dissolved the anti-regime Thai Raksa Chart (TRC) party last Thursday for its nomination of Princess Ubolratana as the party's prime ministerial candidate -- a verdict that was met with emotional reactions from TRC supporters.

    11 Mar 2019 at 04:35

    Poor suffer from smog created by uncaring rich

    Trying to find N95 respirators -- a type of facial mask that can deal with small particles or PM2.5 -- is a troublesome task for many people living in smog-hit Bangkok.

    04 Feb 2019 at 04:30

    'Thai-style' human rights raises questions

    The detention of an 18-year-old Saudi runaway and a Bahraini footballer are just recent examples of the Thai-style approach to international human rights issues that usually puts concerns over Thailand's bilateral ties with other nations before the rights and safety of individuals.

    14 Jan 2019 at 04:30

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